A multitude of legal issues related to conducting of cooperative’s and housing communities’ activities and the specific character of this activity, requires professional attitude and commitment of people with wide experience and relevant theoretical knowledge.

Our firm provides legal services to several cooperatives and housing communities in Warsaw, with a portfolio of nearly 100 buildings. We are involved in solving issues related to the real estate management (including commercial lease) as well as leading hundreds of litigations, also as a defendant’s attorney in class actions relating to the claims connected with construction projects.

To its clients managing the real properties the Law Office offers complex legal assistance in debt collection proceedings. We have an experienced team of lawyers specializing in such kind of actions and we collaborate with one of the largest bailiff’s office in Warsaw. Proven and effective methodology of work in this area allows to achieve very high level of effectiveness in debt collection. Such level is possible due to systematic approach, very good organization of work and consistency of actions.