P-Law Legal Advisors

P-Law Legal Advisors specializes in providing legal services to entities acting in real estate market area. The team of the Law Office ensures comprehensive assistance in all legal aspects of real estate transactions, in particular preparatory and investment phase (both within the development and the cooperative process), at the stage of real estate commercialization and within current services related to real estate management.

The Law Office provides our clients with legal assistance through all processes related to the elementary business activity and corporative-organizational comprehensive support. The Law Office has wide experience in caring out proceedings before Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, Court of Competition and Consumer Protection, as well as before the ordinary courts within cases related to protection of defendants interests in group proceedings.

Providing legal support to the clients includes performance of following activities:

  • legal support in negotiations
  • drafting contracts
  • opinion of draft contracts
  • legal support in due diligence processes
  • legal support in M&A processes
  • preparation of legal opinions
  • representation in legal and pre-litigation proceedings